Our first edition in collaboration with Himalayan Ark & SheThePeople!

This May, we set off on a rather ambitious plan - a 20 hour road journey that took a group of women from the cities, to a tiny mountain village in Uttarakhand where they lived and engaged with the women of the local community. And engage and live we did! Here are glimpses from the week that was :)

Our days usually started like this. Group sessions in evergreen meadows, and casual distractors that included a pair of geese called JoHua and SoHua :P

We trekked to Mesar Kund, a local water body that has been revived by the women of the village over the last 10 years. Saraswati Di aka the local 'Godmother' regaled us with local folklore. We later adapted this to modern times in a Gurgaon pub with politicians, goons et al through a very interactive theatre workshop done by one of our participants - Sushma.

Rekha Di, the local birding expert took us on a trek one of the mornings. We saw about 16 different birds, and heard some lovely birdsongs! Rekha Di has been trained formally as a birder as part of the community livelihood initiatives.

Pushpa Di and Beena Di taught us the intricate technique of carpet weaving as well as natural wool dying. And Divya, one of our participants managed to weave an entire belt over the course of two days!

One afternoon was spent in a community cooking exchange! Traditional Kumani cuisine was mixed with other native recipes like Mangalorean egg curry, Kokum sharbat and Sambhar!

Through the week we lived together, ate and cooked together, sang and danced together, shared personal stories and truly lived a life through a very different perspective! We hope this is the first of many more editions to come!

She Moves Mountains is a unique travel experience, where we bring together women from the cities and women from the mountains. We engage and learn from each other, share stories of personal challenges and successes, find similarities despite our vast differences and leave a tiny, but everlasting impact on the community. Our first edition happened this May in Sarmoli village in Munsiari, Uttarakhand in partnership with Himalayan Ark and She The People.

Special thanks to our partners Himalayan Ark and SheThePeople without whom this workshop would not have been possible. And to our participants, thank you for being the most wonderful group we could begin with! Uma, Deval, Sapna, Veena, Shikha, Sushma, Pooja, Neha, Divya and Poorvi - thank you for all the learning. All our future editions will always have a bit of you! :)

If you enjoyed reading this and would like to be part of such travel experiences, do read about our current trips here. If you would like us to host such experiences for your college or workplace, or simply give us some feedback or say hello, please write to us on antara@littlelocal.in