It's that time of the year again! Soaring temperatures, scorching heat and just one hope...the mountains! We have three programs coming up this summer, so that you can escape the city heat and experience the Himalayas and its people, in a slightly different (and little local) way!

She Moves Mountains. Munsiari, Uttarakhand. May 13-20, 2018

Feminism is a strong word, but it's a good word, we think. It unites women despite their geographical location, culture, circumstances and age. She Moves Mountains is our humble and unique attempt to bring together two groups of women - both equally enterprising, equally driven, equally hard-working and yet living in two completely diverse worlds. It is a collaboration between women from the cities and women from the mountains, to engage and learn from each other, share stories of personal challenges and successes, find similarities despite their vast differences and leave a tiny but everlasting impact in the community.

We will spend a week in a tiny mountain village in Uttarakhand, interacting with the local women, learning the traditional handicraft, doing some hands-on farming and cooking, doing a bit of trekking and also participating in some impact initiatives while we are there.

The cost of the workshop is Rs 25,000/- and includes your stay, meals, internal travel, workshop sessions and local activities. Travel to and from the village is additional, as are personal expenses of any kind.

Who is this for? Women who are kicking ass in their respective fields, who are keen to understand gender roles across urban and rural areas, and care deeply about making a difference.

For more details, please see here.

Zbalung - The Invisible Village. Henasku, Ladakh. May 26-June 3, 2018

We are heading to Henasku, a remote village along the Kargil-Leh national highway. Never heard of it? Well not too many people have. Once a thriving stop along the Silk Route, today it lies nearly abandoned with very few locals still living here. Known as 'Zbalung' which means 'the invisible village' in the local language, the name was coined because of how the mountains protect and hide it from plain view. Today the name also assumes a deeper significance as a reference to a past of importance and glory, which somehow over time has been reduced to near oblivion.

We first visited Henasku in the summer of 2017. We lived with the locals in their homes, ate together and exchanged stories of a long gone past. We learnt about their history, spent time with the royal family and documented some of their oral folklore. This summer, we are going back to go deeper into the documentation and also work with the community on a long-term livelihood plan. In addition, we will be surveying an old building for possible restoration. And we will have mentors to help us structure the entire exercise.

The cost of the workshop is Rs 29,999/- and includes your stay, meals, internal travel, workshop and mentor costs. Travel to and from Leh is additional, as are personal expenses of any kind.

Who is this for? All artists, photographers, film-makers, writers and especially architects looking to combine travel, learning and impact!

For more details, please see here.

Last Of The Aryans. Garkone, Ladakh. June 2-10, 2018

It's not the name of a movie (just yet), but the journey, we promise, will be as exciting. This is our first workshop in the region and we're going to Garkone village in Ladakh. The local tribe here are known as the Brokpas, and a google search won't throw up much, since very little is known or written in the main stream about them. They live in the remote villages of Darchiks and Garkone and are said to be the direct descendants of the lost army of Alexander the Great. Some locals even claim that they are the ‘purest, surviving Aryan race’ or the ‘Master Race’.

Brokpa in Ladakhi literally means ‘people who live in the higher reaches of the mountains' (usually above village settlements). However, their historical background has always been surrounded by myths and controversies. Their fair complexion, deep brown eyes and sharp features give them a very distinct and different identity compared to other tribes living in Ladakh. Even their traditional attire is distinct with colourful floral hear gear and heavily ornamented dresses worn by the women folk. There are many legends surrounding this tribe and how they ended up in this part of the world. Our workshop will be an exploration of this theme, and a documentation of this fascinating village and tribe.

The cost of the workshop is Rs 29,999/- and includes your stay, meals, internal travel, workshop and mentor costs. Travel to and from Leh is additional, as are personal expenses of any kind.

Who is this for? Everyone interested in people, culture and history, and looking for a meaningful travel experience!

For more details, please see here.

If you feel any of this sounds like something you would want to do, please come travel with us! And if you have any feedback or queries, please write to us on

We promise you a summer to remember :)